Astrakhan Region awaits global changes: work has begun on the development of a master plan for Astrakhan agglomeration.

Astrakhan Region awaits global changes: work has begun on the development of a master plan for Astrakhan agglomeration.

Agency "CENTER" on behalf of the Governor of the Astrakhan region Igor Babushkin and together with the Government of Astrakhan region and the Administration of Astrakhan with the participation of leading federal and local experts begins a two-stage work on a large-scale project in the Astrakhan region. It will result in a comprehensive reboot of the urban agglomeration.

Astrakhan Region is a center of the Caspian Sea, which is a multinational and multi-confessional region. The region is home to almost 900 cultural heritage sites, 600 of which are located in the capital. Thanks to this, in 2010 the city was awarded the status of a historical settlement of federal importance. With a rich historical heritage, the region and its capital set themselves ambitious goals, including those related to the complete transformation of the city. The solution of this task is impossible without the development of a master plan - a strategically important tool in the framework of the spatial and socio-economic development of Astrakhan and the Astrakhan agglomeration.

As part of the first stage of work, the experts of the CENTER Agency will conduct a comprehensive study of the development potential of the Astrakhan agglomeration. Experts will analyze the socio-economic situation and main directions of development of the Astrakhan city, conduct a comprehensive assessment of the prerequisites for the development of the Astrakhan agglomeration, identifying the key areas of the ter-ritory, and propose the most effective development scenarios, taking into account its resource supply and areas of economic specialization.

It is planned that the study will be complete in March 2021. Its results will form the basis of the objective for the open international competition for the master plan of the Astrakhan agglomeration, which is also due to start in March. Top Russian and international companies specializing in the integrated development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, economics and financial modeling will be invited to participate. The expert jury will act as guarantors of quality and compliance with all procedures. It will consist of Russian and international experts in the field of urban planning, territory development, and historical heritage preservation. The competition will be held in two stages and will end in July 2021 with the announcement of the winner, who will then be able to participate in implementation of the master plan with the region and the city.

The results of the project are planned to be presented at the II Caspian Economic Forum, which will be held with the participation of representatives of the Caspian Five - Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran in August 2021.

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